Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does my cub scout need to join in Kindergarten or First Grade to be part of the Pack?

      • No. Many scouts join in later years. Each year a Den begins a new set of adventures.

    • Where can I buy my Scout's uniform, insignia, and accessories?

    • What is the correct placement of the insignia badges on my Scout's uniform?

      • Check here or check your Scout's print handbook.

    • What is the "Class A" uniform?

      • The "Class A" uniform includes the official Cub Scout shirt with insignia in place, a neckerchief the color of your rank, and a blue belt for holding adventure loops.

    • What is the "Class B" uniform?

      • The Class B uniform is a t-shirt with the Pack 1313 logo on it.

        • The Class B uniform is worn when the occasion is not formal, the Scouts are not interfacing with the general public representing Scouting, and when the Scouts are expected to engage in activities for which the full uniform would be inappropriate. For instance, Class B uniforms would be appropriate for a scout hike, camping trip, or athletic event.

        • Each Scout receives a Class B uniform after they join the Pack.

    • When and where do you meet?

      • Pack meetings are generally 6:30 PM on the third Tuesday of each month during the school year. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

      • Dens typically meet separately from the Pack once or twice a month.

    • How are Dens assigned?

      • New Scout Den assignments are determined by the leaders and parents because we are volunteer run. 1st Graders are assigned to a Tiger Den, 2nd Graders are assigned to a Wolf Den, 3rd Graders are assigned to a Bear Den, 4th Graders are assigned to a Webelos I Den, and 5th Graders are assigned to a Webelos II (also known in our Pack as Arrow of Light or "AOL") Den.

      • Kindergarten and 1st graders (Lions and Tigers) require shared leadership, meaning parents all join in the leadership of the Dens.

    • How do I join?

      • Read pages 1-2 of this flyer for all the details for 2020-21.

      • You can also contact us at for more information.

    • What are the Annual Dues?

      • Pack dues will remain at $110 for the 2020-21 school year, due in September 2020. Brand new scouts pay an additional one-time only fee paid to BSA National at the time of joining.

      • Pack Payment is due at the beginning of the school year. Pay via the online Pack 1313 store.

        • Dues cover:

          • BSA Membership Dues

          • Insurance

          • Boy's Life magazine subscription

          • Handbook

          • Neckerchiefs

          • Neckerchief Slide

          • Pinewood Derby Car kit

          • Raingutter Regatta kit

          • Awards such as Adventure Loops and Badges

          • Facilities fees (e.g. campgrounds, building use, etc.)

          • 1 class B t-shirt upon joining

        • Dues subsidize:

          • A large portion of the Blue and Gold Banquet cost

          • Food, drink, plates, & utensils at campouts and other events

    • How do I receive Pack 1313 emails?

    • Where do I take the BSA Youth Protection Training?

    • Where do I take other Training?

      • Every scout deserves a trained leader. Every adult can take training at any time. We strongly encourage you to take any of the other training. It can be done in small modules at your convenience online, or at locations in the local area.



A small group of Cub Scouts who are the same gender and in the same grade. The ideal size is 6 to 8 Cub Scouts.

Den Leaders

An adult, usually a parent, serves as a Den Leader. They carry out the activities related to adventures as they are presented in the Cub Scout’s handbook and the Den Leader Guide. Kindergarten and First Grade Dens have shared leadership, which means that all parents or adult-partners contribute to the leadership. The den leader works with a different Lion/Tiger adult partner each month to plan the den’s program. This team hosts that month’s den meetings as well as the den’s part in the pack meeting.


The pack is made up of several dens. The make up and size of the pack varies based on local interest and resources. Each pack is identified by a number.


The leader of the pack meeting is the Cubmaster. In addition to serving as the master of ceremonies the Cubmaster provides support to Den Leaders.

Our current Cubmaster is Ronnie Shaw, who is an Eagle Scout, a former Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster, and has over 35 years of Scout experience.

Pack Committee

Made up of parents, leaders, and other caring adults. The pack committee works to support den leaders and the cubmaster.

Pack Committee Chair

The top volunteer in the pack is the Pack Committee Chair. They are responsible for ensuring enough qualified adult volunteers are in place to provide the program. They lead the pack committee meetings.

Chartered Organization

This is the organization that partners with the Boy Scouts of America to deliver a Scouting program. They adopt Scouting to serve the youth in the community.

Our Chartered Organization is the Sunrise Valley PTA.

Chartered Organization Representative

This person appoints the Pack Committee Chair and approves all adult leaders. They provide resources from the chartered organization.

Review more information about how Cub Scouting is Organized.